Announcing: Birchbox Man X THE LEAGUE

We’re kicking off something exciting for the October box.

Cue the Monday Night Football theme music and the comforting sizzle of fresh-out-of-the-oven nachos. We’ve got big news: Birchbox Man is partnering with the FXX’s hit series THE LEAGUE this October.

The show features a group of merry pranksters on a neverending quest for fantasy football glory. If you’re already a fan, you know that the season premiere (Sept. 3 at 10 p.m.) is sure to kick off a whole new set of hilarious antics and adventures. If the show is new to you, now’s the time to go ahead and get caught up on Netflix. Or, just dive right (here’s a little background to get you up to speed.

As for the October box, League newbies and grizzled veterans alike will find a whole lot of awesomeness. The collection is inspired by the passion and commitment inherent to true fandom—you know, camp-out-for-tickets, build-a-home-shrine, write-your-own-fan-fiction fandom. While we might not take ethical cues from Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Jenny, and Taco, we’ll follow their lead on commitment and passion any day of the week. Well, maybe not Taco. Point is, whether you’re passionate about football, comedy, or the ballet, you’ll dig the home essentials and grooming goods in this box.

Subscribe to Birchbox Man by 10/10 (just $20/month) and your October box will be our all-star collaboration with THE LEAGUE. Join today and your first box will be September's (which features a stylish wardrobe upgrade), and the glory of October won’t be far behind.

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