Applying Makeup During Your Commute: Do or Don’t?

On my subway ride to work this morning, I watched in awe as the woman across from me expertly applied liquid eye liner without so much as a smudge—even as our car jerked its way into the station. (My coworker Ally has witnessed similar feats of makeup application in transit.) Though totally wowed by her skills, I was even more impressed with her bravery. I recoiled at the thought of poking myself in the eye or making the smudge of the century because of an ill-timed short stop. It also made me recall my elementary school carpools, when my mom would quickly flip down the drivers seat mirror to touch up her lipstick at a stop light—or when I would apply glitter to my cheeks in the sideview mirror of my high school BFF's beat up car on the way to a party. There's something intensely private about applying your makeup, even when it's in front of a crowd of grumpy commuters.

What's your take? Tell us in the comments below whether you apply your makeup in the car, on the bus, train, or the crowded subway.

Photo: Jeff Mermelstein/ The New York Times

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