April 2014: Editor’s Letter


History's great wordsmiths are at odds about spring. Hemingway tells us spring days have no limits, so long as you "keep from making engagements." But Tolstoy says the season is specially suited for "plans and projects." (We won’t even touch T.S. Eliot’s whole “cruelest month” thing. April is indisputably a pretty nice month.)

Our take on making plans versus letting the day get away from us? Split the difference (with a little help from your Google calendar, of course). As cabin fever thaws and the air starts buzzing with possibility, draw up a detailed plan—just be prepared to chuck it out the window at a moment's notice.

As you unpack the April assortment, be sure to check out the entire month’s issue as it rolls out on The Guide. We’ve got lots of tips for infusing your style and routine with color and energy. Ready to start growing your own windowsill herbs? Want to pump up your wardrobe with some bold spring style? Want to hack your shaving routine? We can help on all accounts.

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April Monthly Selects

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