BB Man Intern Test Drive: Mr. Natty’s Mr. Willie Mack’s All-Over Wax

We’re well acquainted with Mr. Natty’s product lineup, from his beard wash to his mustache wax. But nothing in his rugged, maritime-inspired grooming oeuvre could have prepared us for his latest drop.

It’s an “all-over” wax, meaning there is basically nowhere it is not designed to deliver hydration, refreshment, and style. Face, hair, body, you name it. One man at BB Man HQ was eager to try this rare category-busting grooming panacea—super intern Kai.

Kai, ever cool and unaffected, had a few things to say after applying the all-in-one moisturizer to his hands, arms, face, and hair. We have listed his impressions below.

“It's smooth.”

“It wasn't weird putting it all over my arms, face, and hair. You can apply it everywhere.”

“It gave my hair a nice shine. It’s also a good beard conditioner.”

“The scent is very citrusy and refreshing—like sitting under a lemon tree.”

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