BB Man Test Drive: American Crew Alternator

American Crew’s Alternator Spray takes an innovative approach to styling: With just a light misting it imparts a pliable hold that can be re-styled throughout the day. This flexibility is especially helpful if you just took a long drive in a convertible, or, say, doffed your winter cap after a morning commute. To demonstrate the Alternator’s power and resilience, we called in three Birchbox staffers to give it a go. One donned his skull-hugging beanie at home without any product, and applied the Alternator after arriving at work. The other two applied it prior to putting on their hats, arrived at work, and then restyled with the product that was already in their hair.

Applied at Work

Steven Steven woke up and put on his hat, which he then wore on his commute to work. He applied the Alternator to his matted hair at the office—just a few evenly distributed sprays—giving him some nice volume and shape that outlasted the day’s numerous meetings. “It allows for a very simple morning routine,” he commented. “It really doesn’t add any time, and probably even spares me a few minutes.”

Applied at Home

Nate Andrew

Andrew and Nate both applied the Alternator at home, but frigid December temps forced them to wear hats on the morning commute. Luckily, after taking them off the product allowed them to sculpt their “hat hair” into office-ready ‘dos without any additional applications.

Says Nate: “It’s funny that you can put it in your hair, wear a hat for an hour, and still style it to your liking. And then three hours later, you could style it differently. It doesn’t lock your hair into any one hold like most hair products.”

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