BB Man Test Drive: Tinted Moisturizer

When considering new products to add to your grooming regimen, a BB cream or tinted moisturizer might raise an eyebrow. Guys—us included—have some misconceptions about tinted skincare, including the fear that it's some kind of bronzing or self-tanning agent that is going to make them look unnatural. In truth, most men-specific tinted formulas have very minimal color to them. The little they do have serves to subtly even skin tone to make small blemishes and undereye circles vanish. To demonstrate, we took to the laboratory with six staffers and a bottle of Lab Series’ BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35 for some conclusive before-and-after shots. Note: These shots have not been doctored.

Dan When applied evenly, a pea-sized dab helped to even out Dan’s complexion, and to cut down on shine, all without a notable change in color.

Ariel Beard enthusiasts, consider your fears quashed. A coat of BB cream gave Ariel’s skin a subtle, even glow, lighting up the under eye area while leaving his stubble untouched.

Thomas Take your eyes off Thomas’ perfect coif (seriously, this guy is a hair whisperer), and you’ll notice a marked difference in both complexion and shine.

Allan Allan’s shots are fitting proof that there’s always room for improvement, even if a genie has gifted you with magically perfect skin.

Nate Are BB creams clinically proven to make you feel cooler? Nate must think so, though his smoother, more even complexion definitely speaks for itself.

Martin We’ll put it this way: if Martin’s “after” shot looks great, it’s not just because of his polished smolder.

Would you wear a tinted moisturizer? According to our Summer Pulse Survey, 55% of guys have tried one or would try one.

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