Birchbox Man Editor Awards: The Surprising Health Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

Top-notch grooming is one part product, one part proper technique. So in support of this month’s “Best in Show” theme, the BB Man editors have ponied up their finest grooming insights. Here Birchbox Man VP Brad explains why facing your fear of a chilly morning dip can really pay off.

When my life coach, Jordan Bach, suggested I try taking a cold shower each morning, the idea sounded slightly insane. How could shivering under a frigid downpour everyday possibly make an impact on my life? Well, I have been doing this every day for a month now, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

If you've been accustomed to a spa-like jacuzzi your whole life, it's time to turn the other knob on your shower. Research suggests that there may be real health benefits of dipping in an icy shower: improved circulation, strengthened immunity, and increased testosterone, just to name a few.

A cold shower will improve appearance and strengthen hair too—it closes up your cuticles and tightens your skin. Plus, it really works as a mood lifter and can help bring mental clarity. It's the ultimate invigorating pick-me-up.

The point is to challenge yourself. If you can stand the heat (or rather, cold) for just a minute or so, you can achieve the same high that running or yoga can give, with the added bonus of a healthier appearance. Staying true to this practice every day helps keep me more "awake" to my thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Who knew?

—Brad Lande

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