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How To: Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Distinct face shapes call for different beard styles. These rules will help you achieve what we like to call “optimal beard.” After reading this, check out our beard-growing tutorial for a comprehensive guide to having hearty, healthy facial hair.

When it comes to facial hair styles, here is the guiding principle to keep in mind: Your beard and your jaw should work in tandem to achieve a nicely graduated, oval shape. If you have a square or round jaw, you’ll want to grow your beard fuller on the bottom to elongate your face. If you have an oblong or rectangular face, you’ll want more hair on the sides while avoiding more length beneath the chin.

Square Face

Keep hair fuller on the chin, shorter on the sides.
Beard Styles Square Facial Hair

Round Face

Grow hair longer on the bottom, shorter on the sides. Beard Styles Round Facial Hair

Oblong or Rectangular Face

Keep the sides fuller, and the bottom shorter. Beard Styles Oblong Facial Hair

Oval Face

Oval faces are a middle ground between the other shapes, so most styles will work well. Beard Styles Oval Facial Hair

Can't identify your face shape? Here's a foolproof guide. Then use that to also pick a hairstyle and sunglasses.

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