The Most Awesome (But Harmless) Pranks Every Guy Should Know

We’re still laughing over Jimmy Kimmel’s twerking fail video that pranked all the Internet. Kimmel’s a pro prankster, but you don’t have to be a television host to pull off some seriously hysterical jokes. Here, five of our favorites that you should have up your sleeve.

On the Phone

Autocorrect is already hilarious. It has changed “what’s” to “sharts” and “yuppy” to “tippy” on its own accord. Create your own riff on autocorrect using your friend’s iPhone. Just edit his or her “keyboard shortcuts” (Go to General Settings → Keyboard → Add New Shortcut) and let your imagination run wild. Opt for oft-used text lingo or common words like “the” and “a” and “you” for best effect.

In the Office

Covering your office mate’s cubicle in post-it notes is an always-effective (if time-consuming) prank. For a slight twist on the classic, consider plastering your pal’s desk with an alternative: Nicholas Cage’s face everywhere, for example, or Taylor Lautner fliers scrawled with “Team Jacob.” Another easy workplace gag? Swap the M & N keys on your colleague’s keyboard and wait for disgrumtlenemt to set in.

In the Car

If you’re at all mechanically inclined, consider this brilliant car hack: Wire the brake lights to the horn so the horn goes off whenever your friend hits the brakes. A slightly easier version is to use a musical birthday card that plays “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

In the Bathroom

If you have a roommate, there’s no shortage of bathroom pranks that will have you in stitches. Paint his bar soap with nail polish, slather cream cheese onto his deodorant, or fill the soap dispenser with olive oil.

In His Room

Try short-sheeting your pal’s bed. This timeless trick is something even the most novice jokesters can pull off. Just take the flat sheet that goes beneath the cover, fold it in half, and remake the bed and wait for the expletives.

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