The 16 Travel Tumblrs Every Web-Browsing Nomad Should Follow

As an image-based platform, Tumblr was tailor-made to document an odyssey—and boy do its denizens deliver. Whether you relish the destination, or just the journey there, these globetrotting blogs will fire up your wanderlust.

Out of Reception: In 2011, designer Foster Huntington set out in a VW van to travel the American West. According to his blog, he hasn’t stopped since.

Atlas Obscura: It’s a wild and whimsical world out there, and Atlas Obscura seeks to capture every corner, from the oddly beautiful to the totally insane.

Luxury Accommodations: The ultimate aspirational travel blog. If you can’t afford to fly first class, this is the next best thing.

Exquisite Planet: In a phrase—sensory overload. Between the stunning architecture and the almost-surreal landscapes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more vivid collection of photos.

The Looking Glass: A Disney-curated collection of odd and artful photos from the company’s many theme parks.

The Insatiable Traveler: The digital travel diary of media specialist Susan Portnoy. Her jet-setting tips make for pleasant interludes.

Ann Street Studio: The travel musings of photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. Expect food, fashion, and the occasional wildcard.

Gear Down Please: If you’ve got a soft spot for aircraft, the journey is half the fun—at least according to this plane-themed pastiche.

Cycle of Nature: Flora and fauna, in all their splendid forms. Come for the wildlife, stay for the GIFs.

Eat Drink Think Go: If you ate your way across every continent, the journey would look something like this. Food porn meets wanderlust.

Landscape, Lifescape: With a stunning assortment of urban and rural landscapes, this mystical blog is a slice of the surreal.

TinyWrld: It’s rare to find a Tumblr that relies almost solely on video. It’s rarer yet finding one that’s executed this well.

The World We Live In: Portraits, landscapes, and moments in time from across the seven continents.

Anthony Bourdain: Love him or hate him, the man undoubtedly knows how to hit the road with flair.

National Geographic: Found: In 2013, National Geographic began releasing a massive body of photos from its rarely seen archives. The magic is ongoing, as they continue to unearth many old gems.

Birchbox Man: In honor of this month’s “Away We Go” box, we’ve documented 30 of our must-see destinations. And gents, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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