Birchbox Goes Mobile

After months of toil and (joyful) tears, we are proud to unveil the first ever Birchbox App for iPhone.

Good news: You can now fit the full Birchbox Man experience in your pocket, right next to your comb, lip balm, and mustache wax. With the brand new Birchbox App for iPhone®, you can have easy, customized access to the wide world of grooming and lifestyle on your mobile device.

Our goal with the app was to reimagine the entirety of the Birchbox experience for subscribers on the go, so they can access favorite features no matter where they are. Users can browse a personalized feed of articles, videos, and product recommendations based on your profile, harnessing a time-saving interface that helps them discover and buy featured products with a few quick taps.

The app also serves as a convenient tool for managing your account, allowing you to browse a full list of your past boxes and buy full-size versions of your go-to samples. You’ll can also view and organize your ever-growing list of favorites.

All this goodness can be downloaded in minutes, so we’ll cut the chatter and let you head on over to the App Store. Did we mention you’ll get 20% off your first mobile order of $50+? Well, you will, because you’ve earned it.

Happy hunting, gents. We hope you enjoy it!

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Get a monthly box of five personalized beauty samples.
Get a monthly box of personalized grooming samples, plus a stylish accessory.