Birchbox Man Short List: August 4

Need some talking points for your elevator rides and water cooler fill-ups? The weekly Birchbox Man Short List highlights our favorite conversation pieces from around the web. We do the browsing, you just show up and click. This week: We ogle Apple's attempt at 80's apparel, scout the coolest Kickstarters, and more.

Behold Apple's Hilariously Awful Fashion Line of 1986 via Dangerous Minds

We're curious if Steve Jobs himself tried wearing these clothes. Perhaps after the line failed to take off, he vowed to don black turtlenecks for the rest of his days.

The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns via SuperCompressor

We live in the age of over-funded potato salad. Here are some other projects—like a hover bike and voice-activated light bulb—that could actually revolutionize things.

Game of Thrones Gets Lighthearted in this Blooper Reel via Slate

After all of that blood and gore, we need a little laugh.

Cheese Powder: A Brief History via The New Yorker

You've licked it off your fingers after eating Cheetos, but here's how that cheese powder is made, and why its production is hotly debated.

Wax and Wane: The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl's Comeback via Pitchfork

Hipsters are reviving an industry we previously thought dead. This article outlines why this is both good and frustrating for the music industry.

Photo: Apple Collection Catalogue

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