Birchbox Man Short List: February 24

Need some talking points for your elevator rides and water cooler fill-ups? The weekly Birchbox Man Short List highlights our favorite conversation pieces from around the web. We do the browsing, you just show up and click. This week: the sneaker bible arrives, the best "Drunk in Love" cover yet, the argument for solid colognes, and more.

The Sneaker Bible is Here

Creative Agency U-Dox has assembled this collection of the coolest limited edition kicks that were ever laced. Be sure to check out the short film, and sign up to be notified when the Sneakers iOS app launches.

Skalgubbar is the New Street Style via The Fox is Black

Some people aspire to be captured by a famous street style photographer. We, on the other hand, aspire to become Skalgubbar renders. The company is making creative and scalable cutouts of people doing everyday activities, for easy placement in architectural renderings. Looks like there's a rendering of a street photographer. Put us next to that guy!

Kids Reenact Oscar Best Pic Nominees via Vulture

These kids say the darnedest things while summarizing this year's top films through pint-size reenactments. Spoiler alert: It's adorable. Second spoiler alert: They spoil some of the films, but it's worth watching anyway.

UK Singer Katy B Serves the Best "Drunk in Love" Cover Yet via MuuMuse

Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" is everywhere. While we loved the remixes and covers from Diplo, The Weeknd, Kanye, and T.I., it is British songstress Katy B (whose latest EP "Little Red" released February 7), giving us our favorite cover yet, mashing it together with Tinashe's "Vulnerable," Suddenly, we've got Tinashe's mixtape "Black Water" in rotation with "Little Red" and Beyoncé's eponymous album. It's a good week.

Have You Considered a Solid Cologne? via Valet Magazine

Solid colognes "go on more subtly and last longer than their liquid counterparts. Because they don't easily and quickly evaporate like a spray, the scent develops slower over time allowing the deeper notes to come out and react with your own body's temperature and chemistry."

Photo: U-Dox

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