Birchbox Man Short List: July 7

Need some talking points for your elevator rides and water cooler fill-ups? The weekly Birchbox Man Short List highlights our favorite conversation pieces from around the web. We do the browsing, you just show up and click. This week: We celebrate street graffiti, recall the best soundtracks behind bad movies, size up the Seinfeld economy, and more.

The Best Street Art and Graffiti of 2014 (So Far) via Complex

Here is ample proof that graffiti doesn't always ruin the neighborhood.

Play the Album, Burn the Film: 20 Great Soundtracks From Bad Movies via Rolling Stone

You might have purposefully missed movies like I Am Sam or the Twilight series, but sometimes there is terrific music behind the awful acting.

Breaking Down the Multi-Billion-Dollar Seinfeld Economy via Vulture

Hoochie mama! These statistics will blow your mind.

The 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Myths, Debunked via Wired

It seems like we're all a little paranoid about cyber security—or rather, a lack thereof. This list demystifies many claims about hackers and breaches, and might help you sleep a bit better.

How Baseball Helped Make "The Star-Spangled Banner" Our National Anthem via The New Yorker

After becoming the official anthem of the U.S. Army and Navy during WWI, a 1918 Red Sox game helped popularize "The Star-Spangled Banner," building momentum that would eventually lead to its adoption as the country's first national anthem.

Photo: StreetArt News

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