Birchbox Man Short List: June 30

Need some talking points for your elevator rides and water cooler fill-ups? The weekly Birchbox Man Short List highlights our favorite conversation pieces from around the web. We do the browsing, you just show up and click. This week: a man gives the most hilarious "Final Jeopardy" response ever, Will Ferrell pumps up soccer fans in Brazil, we question our iced coffee obsession, and more.

Ari Voukydis Gives Best Final Jeopardy Answer Ever via Huffington Post

He didn't win, but improv teacher and BuzzFeed writer Ari Voukydis shows Alex Trebek what a real Jeopardy! champion looks like.

Will Ferrell Invades USA Soccer Rally in Brazil via Complex

A pep rally that began with an appearance from "Teddy Goalsevelt" got even better when Will Ferrell arrived saying he will "bite every German player." He might want to ask Luiz Suarez about the consequences of biting an opponent.

Why Your Weird Friends are Drinking Hot Coffee in the Summer via NY Magazine

Apparently the science behind body temperature is much more complicated than we previously thought. Next time you go for an iced beverage to cool your sweltering body, think again.

9 New Beers You Should Know via Cool Material

To contradict the previous article, there's nothing better than a cold brew on a hot summer day. Add a few more beers to your repertoire with this list.

Michael Bay's Meticulous Excess via The New Yorker

Waxing poetic about the man behind the Transformers series.

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