Birchbox Man Short List: March 17

Need some talking points for your elevator rides and water cooler fill-ups? The weekly Birchbox Man Short List highlights our favorite conversation pieces from around the web. We do the browsing, you just show up and click. This week: the story of an imprisoned boxer determined for victory, 3D printers make waves of brain scans, the point of normcore, and more.

Gold in the Mud: The Twisted Saga of Jailhouse Boxer James Scott's Battle for Redemption via SB Nation

"He would do what no one else had, or ever thought of, and become a champion from within prison and thereby win his release."

Turning Brain Scans into 3D-printed Art via The Verge

Scientists are using 3D printers to study mental processes. "What does the geography of the mind look like? That's the question that we're trying to answer," says Ion Popian, the project's director.

You Might Be Missing the Point of Normcore via Esquire

Missing the point on a Birkenstock-driven style trend? As the author wisely notes, "you should know what you’re dealing with before dismissing it."

We Kind of Want Tilda Swinton's New Haircut via The Cut

Add this "Bowie-esque Comb-over" to the long list of things we love about her.

Designer Richard Chai's Secrets for Better Looking Skin via GQ

We'd normally direct Mr. Chai to our own skincare guide, but it would seem he already has his routine down pat.

Photo: Emhoff Collection via

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