Box Cutters: Top Tools for Opening a Birchbox

Birchbox's logistics director, Matt Hertz, does much more than make sure that boxes arrive promptly and safely. Our resident shipping, transportation, and inventory oracle is also a master of the box assortment Tetris, an expert handler of hazmats, and the ultimate predictor of arrival times. We tapped him for a shortlist of his essential Birchbox unboxing tools.

As you’ve probably gleaned from my monthly shipping status updates, I’m a lifelong student of postal trends and corrugated boxes. I love the stuff. It’s an art, really, the process of packaging the finest grooming and lifestyle products to ensure they arrive damage-free.

But once a box arrives safely at its destination, the journey isn’t over. The responsibility of opening a Birchbox falls to our beloved customers. So what’s the easiest and most effective way to release the treasure trove within every Birchbox? In the hope of alleviating the kind of package-related stress we’ve seen from the likes of Larry David, we present a list of approved grooming tools and accessories for opening a Birchbox:

Mani Set

Japonesque Manicure Set

This complete manicure set comes with tweezers, nail clippers, nail “nippers,” nail & cuticle scissors, and a combination nail file, grooming tool, and nail scoop. I recommend using the nail scissors to carefully slice open the tape enclosing the box. Alternatively, use the nail file to fashion a sharp index finger talon.

Collar Stays

Exuvius Collar Stays

If Inspector Gadget and James Bond teamed up to design some collar stays, these would be them. In addition to doubling as a bottle opener, each polished titanium stay can be used as a half-Phillips head screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, and a thread cutter. It’s a perfect tool for unpacking and extracting your goods.

Baxter Razor

Baxter Blue Steel “Not a Replica” Straight Razor

Love the idea of a straight razor shave but don’t want to go through the hassle of a hone and a strop? This matte black straight razor from Baxter of California is awesome enough to just sit on your sink looking mean. Think of it like Will Smith’s cigar (“It’s for the look/I don’t light it”). Once a month, bust it out to open your monthly shipment. Or to cut the end off a cigar.


Best Made Co. Axe

‘Nuff said.

Matt Hertz

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