Champagne and SlowJamz: The Birchbox Romance Mixtape

Cancel your dinner reservations and cozy up for a night in with our romantic playlist on Songza. It’s full of golden oldies, modern mood-setters, and (admittedly) a few cheesy favorites. Best paired with something bubbly.

Push play on this track list to start swaying, swooning, and serenading all evening. We’ve picked more than 60 of our favorite gushy songs—some up-tempo, some real slow—to celebrate that which makes the world go round: love, sweet love.

You can stream the playlist on Songza. Here are some highlights from the list:

Brett Dennen, “The One Who Loves You the Most”
This Bay Area crooner soothes the soul like hot tea for a sore throat.

Whitney Houston, “My Love is Your Love”
One of our go-to karaoke jams is packed with lines like, “If tomorrow was judgment day/…and the Lord asked me what I did with my life/ I would say I spent it with you.”

Once Broadway Cast, “Gold (A cappella)”
The stage adaptation of this cinematic love story had us crying into our playbills. This beautiful song is the highlight of many powerful moments.

Monica, “Angel of Mine”
Because after she was done quarreling with Brandy over who got the boy, she got to focus on just how much the guy means to her.

Dolly Parton, “I Will Always Love You”
While we obviously give props to Whitney for bringing down the house with her rendition on the Bodyguard soundtrack, there’s something heartbreakingly sincere about the original, written by and sung by country music sage Dolly Parton.

Janet Jackson, “That’s The Way Love Goes”
Janet is in her prime with this hypnotic ‘90s slow jam, which strings together a narrative of almost-NSFW lyrics.

Neil Young, “Harvest Moon”
Young’s meandering folk tune is an ode to the years-long relationship filled with lovey-dovey lines like, “Just like children sleepin'/ We could dream this night away.” Ideal for a kitchen floor slow-dance.

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