Clearing Bar Soap’s Good Name

It’s easy to dismiss the bar as all washed up. The first step in a gentleman’s grooming upgrade is ditching the bar soap, right? Well, sure, that’s true when it comes to your face, where we recommend a gentle cleanser with twice or three-times weekly exfoliating. For the rest of your skin, a hydrating bar soap will do just fine. But not all bar soaps are created equal. There’s the cheap supermarket soap that will leave your skin drier than the Sahara, and then there’s the good stuff. The variants below, made from glycerin and a host of other natural ingredients, raise the bar for soap in all forms.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Bar Soap, $4

This all-natural soap wipes away the excess oils on your skin and replaces them with the essential oils of lemon, orange, and petit grain. The combination makes for a subtle but energizing citrus scent.

Jock Soap Bloody Orange Body Bar, $8

A moisturizing clean goes big with this transparent body bar, large enough for an NBA player. After your shower, the scent of crushed oranges lasts through double overtime. The Jock Soap will also leave skin feeling healthy, thanks to antioxidant-packed soybean protein and coconut, palm, and safflower oils that refine and revitalize.

Anthony Logistics for Men® Glycerin Cleansing Bar, $8.50

The rich lather of this glycerin bar is proof that does more than cleanse. It’s also got orange peel to mildly exfoliate and aloe vera and vitamin C to regenerate skin cells. Plus, it’s entirely vegetable-based (better for the earth means your conscience is clean too).

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, $13

This scrub bar harnesses the exfoliating powers of natural oat bran, oat kernel, and pumice to slough off dead skin cells. The sensation is something like having your back scratched everywhere. It's especially good for smoothing rougher skin patches like elbows and knees.

Origins Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Soap, $13.50

Sounds weird, but charcoal has a knack for filtering toxins. Think of this body soap as minted floss for your skin: extra-absorbent bamboo charcoal unclogs pores with the dirt-dissolving help of clove and wintergreen, after which rosemary and spearmint swoop in to drop a spicy scent that lingers hours after you shower.

Claus Porto Alface Bar Soap, $18

Claus Porto, a centuries-old Portuguese company, mills its soaps a whopping seven times (as European tradition requires). This translates to ultra-solid bars that lather generously. This one’s got shea butter and almond oil to soften your skin.

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