Combating Movember Beard Burn

Kissing somebody this Movember? Give their face the same tender love and care you give your 'stache.

Amid the excitement of Movember, it’s easy to forget that our significant others are sacrificing in support of the cause too. After all, they’re cheering us on even as our upper lips leave painful redness and irritation in their bristly wake. If a gentleman’s mustache deserves the best care and attention, so does the delicate skin of the woman he's lucky enough to smooch.

We asked the Birchbox lady editors how best to fight face rash when it comes to kissing a guy with stubbly facial hair, and they kindly (and not a little bit selfishly) dropped some excellent suggestions on us.*

The first thing you can do: Ensure your skin and facial hair is as soft as possible. That means moisturizing thoroughly pre-make-out. Obviously if you’ve got a bushy ‘stache, a beard, or both, you shouldn’t be massaging a bunch of goopy moisturizer into your facial hair, but if you’ve got stubble or something a little longer, topical lotion will blunt the stabbiness (if that's not a word, it should be) of your bristles. There are ton of great options out there, but for starters, Billy Jealousy’s Combination Code will dry fast and go on totally matte.

And for your loved one(s): A little aloe will go a long way to calm redness around the lips and chin caused by long, tender, and porcupine-like kisses. But given how us guys have resolved to spoil our mustaches this month, we should go big for the people we kiss this month too.

For beard burn solutions, our Birchbox editors recommend a “redness diffusing serum” from June Jacobs for Men. This stuff contains a blend of natural anti-inflammatories to help relieve the appearance of redness, plus horse chestnut, which is rich in “aescin,” a compound that’s proven to reduce the look of the tiny broken capillaries that cause redness. All of that amounts to something like an eraser for the red-tipped mustache pen you’re writing with. The other option they threw out there is something called CC cream (Color Correcting Cream). This one from WEI™ to Go will even out imperfections in skin while infusing it with botanicals like licorice root, mulberry leaf, and mandarin orange (rich in vitamin C for long-term brightening and color-correcting benefits). As we understand it, CC Cream is like superpowered makeup and skincare all-in-one, with color correction alongside antiaging ingredients and SPF. If your significant other dropped a big ol' donation on your mo this month, this is probably a good way to say thank you.

For more tips, tools, and helpful advice on growing a glorious 'stache, check out our Movember hub.

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