5 Tarzan-Worthy Rope Swings to Plan Your Next Trip Around

The intrepid Birchbox Man team has traveled to the ends of the earth—on the internet—to pull together this list of the world’s very best rope swings. Hit up any one of these on your next vacation up to earn “king of the swingers” status.

Kaua’i Hawaii

Remember when Indiana Jones had to swing into water towards a plane to escape natives in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Yeah, this is the same place.

Upper Creek Falls, North Carolina

Depending on the day and the water level this spot can be a creek, waterfall, or rock waterslide. Should you happen upon it, just make sure the currents aren’t too heavy and the water is deep enough for jumping.

Lake Wadawenga, Wisconsin

This Instagram-worthy lake plunge is worth rerouting your upper-Midwest vacation drive to see. In facet, we love it so much that it made our list of the best summer camps for adults.

Whistler Alpha Lake, Canada

This might be the most intense swing we’ve come across—and no surprise since Whistler has been home to both the X Games and Winter Olympics. If you’ve got a fear of heights, this might be a good swing to skip.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

It’s significantly less accessible, sure, but clearly worth the trek. Fun fact: It’s monks, not monkeys, who do most of the swinging here.

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