Dad Knows Best: Lava Soap

When it comes to grooming products, we're often hard-pressed to improve upon the classics. Our motto: If it's good enough for the old man, it’s good enough for us. For this installment of Dad Knows Best, we discover Lava soap, a dude soap to rule them all.

Tough as it is to admit sometimes, our dads often do know what’s best for us. Now, we’re not suggesting you take Dad’s (or Grandpa’s) word as gospel. After all, he’s been wrong about plenty (see pleated khakis, tuxedo shirt ruffles, etc). But when it comes to grooming products, we're hard-pressed to improve upon some of the classics in his medicine cabinet. Our motto: If it’s good enough for the old man, it’s good enough for us.

The Classic: Lava Soap

“Short of using gasoline to clean greasy hands, Lava Soap will do the trick without the inherent safety and health issues—not to mention rising fuel prices. It can also be used directly (ie: no water) as an abrasive stone for hard-to-clean grime, although with some skin loss.” — Jay Chen, architect and proud father of Mollie Chen, Birchbox Editorial Director

You can tell a lot about a bar of soap from the company it keeps. Just consider Lava Soap’s Amazon shopping results. Customers who bought Lava also bought S.O.S., Ajax, Band-Aids, and a 14-piece Power Nut Driver Bit Set. This is the guys soap to end all guy soaps. Originally developed in 1893 by the Waltke Co. in St. Louis, Missouri and made by the same people who make WD-40, this might be the one soap that inspires us to actually get our hands dirty.

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