Discovering the Smart Phone of Lip Balms

Our editor bids adieu to his overstock of chap sticks and lip balms, investing in a more…concentrated solution.

Until a month ago, I had 10 different lip balms at any given time, never using any to completion. I had one in my work bag, one on my bed stand, one in my dopp kit, one in my pocket, and one in my coat pocket. I was basically a hoarder. This stemmed from the fact that the balms I was using provided my lips with temporary relief but left them dried and cracked a couple hours later, so I always wanted balm at the ready.

Clearly, I needed an intervention—a product that I only had to apply once or twice a day, instead of every hour, so I could own one instead of a dozen. This reminded me of the olden days when I had an iPod, day planner, camera, alarm clock, and phone scattered all over. Luckily, the smart phone came along. And now, the smart phone of lip balms has arrived.

It’s lip “serum.” Similar to facial serum, it goes deeper than the topmost layer of the skin, thus smoothening and firming lips. A serum gives you similar results but with fewer applications. Dr. Dewy’s Lip Cure, which is chock-full of organic oils, extracts, and antioxidants, is especially useful for lips that are already cracked or dry, promising fast relief with fewer applications. Until our phones have an integrated lip balm applicator, this stuff is the next best thing.

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