Editor’s Letter: July 2012


We kicked off July by following the sage advice of inventor, sheepherder, and explorer John Muir, who encouraged us to carve out some time to roam. We took life a little easier and made sure to savor each moment. We even let our mountain man beard grow out for a while.

But then we rolled up our sleeves. This month, we got organized.

We cleared all the clutter off of our work space. We relocated stacks of pomades and cologne to our filing cabinet—it made a world of difference right away. The ensuing month was filled with as many misfires and wrong turns as epiphanies and successes. Our Buchner flasks overflowed more than once, and a couple electrical experiments resulted in mad scientist hair (nothing a little pomade couldn't fix), but in the end, everything clicked into place.

Here's to a month of experimentation and innovation. Let's review some highlights from The Guide...


Birchbox Man

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