Editor’s Letter: June 2012


With summer in full swing and the second BB Man shipment already strewn across your dresser, bathroom sink, and shower ledge, it's high time to take stock.

Here at The Guide, we're working hard to create daily posts that'll help you get the most out of each month's box. We're also here to provide general tips, tutorials, and news that we think you'll dig. From barbershop visits to cocktail recipes, style advice to shaving saviors, The Guide is about everything guys who care about grooming—even the reluctant ones—want to know more about. Speaking of which, we'd love to hear from you. Tweet at us and let us what you'd like to see more of in this space. Or what you thought of the game last night.

There's a lot to look forward to this summer, and we’re eager to hit the ground running—literally. We’re clocking our jog times with our new rumbaTIME watches on the weekends. During the week the ladies have been running us ragged with “work day workout.” Ever tried to do a full minute of push-ups? It's brutal. But it's getting easier everyday. Our reward comes in the form of handfuls of bacon caramel popcorn and a pint of Allagash White from the in-office kegerator. Fact: Beer and caramel corn never tasted better than after a full minute of push-ups. Two sides of the same coin, really.

But we digress. What did we do this month? Let's review some highlights…


Birchbox Man

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