Advice from the Ladies of Birchbox: What Makes a Great Online Dating Profile?

Thinking of giving online dating a shot? Or, perhaps a second, third, or fourth shot? We commend you for putting yourself out there. Since your profile is always a work in progress, we’ve culled some killer suggestions from our savvy female coworkers on how to spruce it up.

“Take off your sunglasses and baseball cap, and don't post that photo with three of your best buddies or mysteriously good looking girl-who's-a-friend.”
—Kerrie, Brand Campaign Strategy Manager

“Call me old-fashioned, but I like to be able to see at least one normal picture of the guy. Group party shots and shirtless-mirror-selfies will just not do. Provide the basic information (it's boring to ask in-person anyway) and add a nice dose of wit.”
—Allison, Brand Marketing & Strategy Intern

“I actually met my boyfriend of five years on His profile fit all of my criteria: short, (not too) sweet, and grammatically correct. I believe a guy should provide the basics like his industry, his borough/neighborhood, and the things he’s most passionate about. These are all huge factors in the day-to-day of a relationship.”
—Kate, Copywriter

“Be funny. Humor is the most genuine and approachable way to make a girl feel comfortable. Also, happiness is contagious so wear a smile (and a shirt!) in your pictures.”
—Paige, Associate Merchandising Manager

“Why do some men feel the need to say in their dating profiles 'Willing to lie about where we met'? As if online dating is so taboo in 2014? Get over it. Your insecurity is palpable, bro.”
—Juliette, Community Manager

“No head shots—this isn’t LinkedIn or a casting call.”
—Melissa, Content Intern

“Proof read! Spelling mistakes will not get you a date (especially with anyone you actually want to talk to).”
—Laura, Brand Campaign Strategy Manager

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