Advice from the Ladies of Birchbox: What’s the Stubble Sweet Spot?

From clean-shaven tidiness to full-bearded glory, we’ve tried just about every look on the scruff spectrum. Every gradation has a time and a place—whether dictated by occasion, mood, trend, or era. Ultimately, it’s about finding the style that works for you. But while we like listening to the beard oracle in our hearts, we also care what the fairer sex thinks.


“Maybe it's my lingering affection for Leo in Romeo + Juliet, but I'll always have a soft spot for the clean-shaven look. Sure, it can skew buttoned-up and professional, but I see it as youthful and sweet. And when you're dealing with a face as handsome as Leo's, why would you ever want to cover that thing up?”
—Maura, Associate Editor

5 O’clock Shadow

“This might just be me, but a 5 o'clock shadow has that Don Draper, handsome but haggard kind of feeling that's just a bit more intriguing than a freshly-shaven face. Don't ask me why we idolize a man with such deep character flaws, but imperfection has an undeniable appeal.”
—Molly, Lifestyle Merchant

2-3 Days’ Stubble

“With a few days’ stubble, you know he can get cleaned up if he has to but he still looks good if he doesn't. I always appreciate spontaneity and surprise. When will he shave next?! The suspense is killing me!”
—Jenna, Discovery Specialist

1-2 Weeks’ Scruff

“There is just something that feels mature and masculine about a more rugged look. Clean-shaven can feel preppy and corporate sometimes. We all love the unconventional vibe of not being shackled to a razor daily.”
—Danielle, Recruiter

Mustache Only

“I once wore a mustache for a day and felt really powerful, if that says anything. Those guys in Tombstone were so cool saving the town from all the riff raff of the Wild West. Having a mustache means having a lot of confidence and a big heart. If you’ve got the guts to rock a ‘stache, then you deserve the world.”
—Whitney, Assistant Video Producer

Full Beard

“I love a full (but well-groomed!) beard on a guy. It seems like most guys go for the clean shaven look when they are trying to look professional, but I will always be a fan of the beard and business suit combo.”
—Vanessa, Social Media Associate

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