Forget Orange—Brown is the New Black

One bride to-be reveals why she's opting for brown liner on her big day.

If there’s one thing I am going to be picky about on my upcoming wedding day, it’s my makeup. After spending the last three and a half years as an editor here at Birchbox, I’ve figured out what does—and more importantly, what does not—work for me. Like any meticulous bride, I knew that I wanted to do a makeup trial to ensure that there would be no surprises the day of.

Thankfully, my makeup artist, Janae Foley, is downright amazing. Because I am having a destination wedding, we hadn’t met before my trial (which admittedly made me nervous—I’ve been working with the best in the business for the last few years!). But she has a ton of wedding experience and came highly recommended.

As soon as we started talking about the understated look I’m going for, she immediately recommended that we use brown liner. I hadn’t thought about it specifically, but as we were chatting, I realized that a rich chocolate does everything that an inky black does without being quite as dramatic. Especially given my fair complexion, black really pops out against my skin whereas brown is more subtle—it gives me the look of having thicker, fuller lashes without having a very stark line across my lid. As Foley predicted, when my makeup was done, I was thrilled that we had opted for brown. I was even able to coordinate my makeup trial with my engagement photos—you can see Foley’s handiwork in the photo above!

After loving the results from my trial, I realized that I wanted to try swapping out my usual black for a brown in my day-to-day routine. As a huge fan of the “no makeup” look, brown is definitely looks more natural on me. My new go-to has become Cynthia Rowley Beauty’s Liquid Liner. Unlike a pencil, this liner lets me create a super skinny line, thanks to its felt tip. Not only is it easy to apply, but it also stays put—no late-day touch-ups necessary. Best of all, unless you get really close (which, let’s be honest, only my fiancé does), it doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything at all.

Photo Credit: Becky Spencer Photography

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