From the Archives: Letterman’s 1987 Interview with Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia

On the heels of Letterman announcing his upcoming retirement from late night television after more than 3 decades, we couldn't help but take the plunge down a YouTube wormhole back to 1987, when the modern king of wee hours television was in his prime.

In this clip from NBC's Late Night With David Letterman, Dave deploys his signature bluntness while conducting an interview (and bizarre parlor trick) with the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, who also deliver two killer performances. Style-wise, this is a classic, quintessential night for Dave: He sports casual wear (what one might call in today's parlance "normcore") for the opening gag, and puts on his signature double breasted suit for the show itself. Perhaps most surprising of all is the Grateful Dead admitting they played terribly at both Woodstock and the Monterey Pop Festival.

Photo: CBS

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