Give Your Hair Some Height: The Business Pomp

If your hairstyle feels a little flat, just up the altitude. We asked Scott Serrata of Razorbacks Barbershop in Long Beach to tell us how to pull off what he calls “The Business Pomp.” Here’s how to get the cut, apply the product, and perfect the style. Note: The acrophobic may want try something closer to the ground—but equally dapper—like a side part.

The Cut

A high and tight or a “medium and tight” will work. Be sure to tell your barber you want it buzzed or faded on the sides but to leave plenty of length on the top (especially the front).

The Product

Imperial’s Gel Pomade is a hybrid styler that goes in like a gel (smooth) but dries like pomade (strong and solid). It can also be reactivated for a quick midday restyle by adding just a little water.

The Technique

Serrata’s instructions: “Put a small amount of Gel Pomade into towel-dried hair with your hands and then run a comb through to evenly distribute the product. Then, using the comb and a blow dryer set to low heat, lift the front gently and comb the sides back. Lifting the hair as you blow dry will allow the product to dry and hair will take on the desired shape. If you want a bigger pomp, blow-dry the front section for longer and pull it up higher with the comb."

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