Great Grooming Moments in Film: Captain Hook

We’re pretty big film buffs at Birchbox Man. And, of course, grooming is our bread and butter. This dual geekery drives us to comb through crates of old film reels and hours of commercial-packed TBS to find and pay homage to the legendary shavers and shampooers of the silver screen. Here we examine the blundering Mr. Smee’s failed straight razor shave of Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan (1953).

The Scene

After a long day of chasing Peter Pan, Captain Hook is exhausted. His right-hook man Smee knows that the best way for a bristly man to achieve some tranquility is a relaxing shave. However, the doddering and portly Smee—while full of good intentions—gets so carried away that he forgets to open his little pirate eyes while wielding his blade. In this scene, he starts to panic when it appears he’s shaved Captain Hook just a tad close.

The Fix

There are a few crucial takeaways from this botched bit of cut throat on the high seas. First, even if you’re lucky or successful enough to have a well-meaning but otherwise wholly incompetent assistant, don’t ever let them give you a shave on the deck of a boat. Leave it to the pros. Second, if you’ll notice, the bird’s bare region doesn’t look remotely smooth after the mistaken shave, does it? Smee could have done right by the bird some real pirate-worthy shave cream from Lucky. It reduces razor burn and keeps you looking polished, whether you’re a man, bird, or beast.

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