Help Birchbox Build a School

Here at Birchbox, we feel strongly about the power of education—and that extends further than teaching our faithful readers about the importance of daily moisturizing or how to tame the neck beard. We're very pleased to announce that this August, we're teaming up with Pencils of Promise, an awesome non-profit, to build a school in Central America. Here's how you can help:

During the entire month of August, 15 percent of all purchases in the Birchbox Shop will go to Pencils of Promise. Our goal is $25,000—the amount it takes to build an entire school. With the help of our customers, Pencils of Promise and Birchbox will break ground on a school location in Guatemala next year. Shop all month to support this great cause. Maybe you discovered a sample you love in the August box? Pick up the full-size here.

A bit more background on Pencils of Promise: Founded in 2008, the organization is dedicated to bringing education to communities in need. To date, they've built 58 schools in Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. Their goal is to reach 100 by the end of 2012. You can also contribute to the organization at

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