How To Assemble an Always-Ready Dopp Kit

Building a pre-stocked, no-assembly-required dopp kit is the simplest way to cut down on packing time. Just buy doubles of your essentials, give them a sturdy and easy-to-clean home, and store your completed kit inside your go-to luggage. You’ll save at least 15 minutes of packing time and, since you’re not uprooting your everyday items from your shower ledge, you can actually pack your bag the night before you leave (instead of putting off your final bag zip-up until you’ve completed your morning routine). Inspired by the photo blog “The Burning House,” for which readers submit photos of what they would take with them if their house were on fire, we were inspired to put together our own drop-everything-and-go toiletry bag. Here’s a look inside our always-ready dopp.

A sturdy dopp kit that’s easy to clean. Topo Designs zip-up pouch is made of nylon so it’s easy to wipe up small spills.

Double-duty hydrator. Kiehl’s “Heavy Lifting” cream has your daily moisturizer covered, but its lifting and firming properties will also help with anti-aging in the long term and your tired, jet lag complexion in the short term.

Your whole shower ledge in one tube. VitaMan’s Face & Body Cleanserwill cleanse your body and face, and can even stand in for your shampoo.

A TSA-approved shaving agent. Ernest Supplies Shave Cream comes in a soft and flexible screw-top pouch that safeguards against leakage.

SPF in a pocket-sized stick. Raw Materials SPF Face Stick offers portable and spill-proof sun protection.

A pair of bath packs. When there’s no time to grab a shower, Niche for Men Wipes are perfect for a freshen up and lasting underarm deodorizing.

First Aid Essentials. You can’t plan for every contingency, but some basic first aid supplies are worth the extra weight. Pack some anti-diarrheal pills, a tube of antibiotic ointment, some ibuprofen, and, of course, some adhesive bandages.

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