These 5 Small Tweaks Will Help You Brew a Next-Level Cup of Coffee

You hear it all the time: If you want to put a kid through college some day, stop dropping your paycheck on twice-daily $4-lattes. The trouble is, it takes costly equipment and top-shelf beans make something approaching the deliciousness of the stuff brewed by your local tattooed barista. Or does it? We tapped Jonathan Rubinstein, the owner and operator of Joe Coffee for tips on how to make home brew that’s affordable and seriously tasty.

Go manual

Throw away your automatic coffee maker. "Investing in a Hario V60, a kitchen scale, and a small grinder are all you need to produce coffee shop quality coffee for years and years,” said Rubinstein.

Use good water

“Your coffee is 98% water. Make sure yours tastes neutral. If your water has any mineral or chemical tastes, filter it first or use bottled water.”

Grind right before you brew

“Ground coffee starts staling after five minutes. Grinding your coffee beans by the cup will make the single biggest difference between a good and bad cup.”

Weigh your coffee

“The ideal ratio is 16 grams of water for every 1 gram of ground coffee, and that formula can be applied to any number of cups.”

Drink it black

“Milk and sugar simply mask the taste of the beans. If brewed well, using fresh, quality beans, your cup of black coffee will surprise you with its deliciousness.”

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