How To: Cut a Glass Bottle

There are many ways to repurpose used bottles, some of which require cutting the glass itself. Here’s how to do it.

You’ll need:

A glass bottle with the label removed
A sharpie
A bottle cutting device—we like this one from G2
A bucket of ice water
A pot of boiling water
A potholder
Sandpaper or emery paper

Cutting Glass Bottles:

1. Draw a line with the sharpie around the bottle where you want it to separate.
2. Using the bottle cutting device, score a small cut around the entire bottle along this line.
3. Wearing a pot holder over your hands, dunk the bottle in boiling water for 5 seconds.
4. Then submerge the bottle in ice water for 5 seconds. Alternate steps 3 and 4 until the bottle splits into two pieces.
5. Place sandpaper or emery paper on a flat, durable surface. Gently smooth the freshly cut edges by rotating it on the paper.

This video demonstrates the procedure:

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