How To: Make Your Bed with Hospital Corners

It may be decades since your last bunk inspection, but some summer-camp skills are worth keeping around for the long haul. Case in point: the hospital corner. A tidy trick made famous by boot camp, this deceptively simple technique will whip any rumpled bed sheet into shape—quickly and easily. Here's the play by play.

Military Corners 1 Step #1: Start with a loose sheet, draped evenly over the bed.

Military Corners 2 Step #2: Tuck the foot of the sheet under the base of the bed, from corner to corner.

Military Corners 3 Step #3: This is the step to practice. Grab the long edge of the sheet, and pull it up so that it wraps smoothly around the corner of the mattress. The sheet should now run straight down, perpendicular to the ground.

Military Corners 4 Step #4: At this point, the sheet should have two "wings" that extend above and below the mattress. Tuck the lower wing under the mattress.

Military Corners 5
Step #5: Next, fold down the upper wing, then tuck it under as well.

Military Corners 6
Step #6: Smooth out the edges and folds, and your military corner should be good to go.

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