How to Get Ahead of Hair Loss

The market is flooded with enough hair loss treatments to make you lose your mind. Before you spring for something prescription-strength, make sure you have the basics of a front line defense: a diet, styling product, and shampoo that will beef up the hair you still have. Here, we've got a few simple, proactive, and inexpensive strategies for preserving your mane.

Feed Your Follicles

As Jack Passion has reminded us in the past, all hair is primarily made of protein. Unsurprisingly, a diet packed with the stuff should nourish it, and a lack of amino acid-rich foods can accelerate thinning hair and hair loss. Lean beef, cheese, milk, eggs, nuts, and pork tenderloin are all good sources of protein, while walnuts and salmon, similarly high in protein, also contain Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent dryness and toughen hair strands. And don’t neglect your dark greens. They contain vitamin C and iron, a duo that keeps hair dense by producing sebum, hair’s natural conditioner.

Get Up, Stand Up

Wax product or mousse can give limp and fine hair enhanced body and density. The problem is that some products include chemicals that damage hair. Kérastase has tackled this dilemma with its Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste, which styles and sustains the hair on your head. It’s got hair loss-combating components like amino acids and biotin that protect and strengthen your hair as you style.

Clean, Not Cleaned Out

As we’ve discovered, washing one’s hair is a trickier business than most guys realize. Some harsh formulas can dry your scalp out and mess with the production of natural protective oils. If you’re thinning on top, it’s important to ensure that your shampoo is working for you, and not against you. Klorane’s shampoo specifically for thinning hair uses quinine (yup, the same stuff you love in a gin and tonic) derived from cinchona tree bark to prompt circulation at root of each follicle and spur new growth. Add in a dash of vitamin B Complex to protect and strengthen follicles, and you have an essential anchor in your hair loss prevention strategy. Use it on its own, or along side other more serious treatments like Rogaine or Propecia.

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