How To Get Harvey Specter Hair

On USA’s SUITS, Harvey Specter’s hair is subject to a combination of ridicule (from jealous underlings) and reverence (from everyone else). His immoveable gelled ‘do has become an extension and expression of his personality—powerful, stylish, and uncompromising. It has even given rise to its very own Facebook page, as well as a strange but nonetheless impressive tutorial video in Russian GQ. Harvey’s hair has amassed so many devoted fans that the LA Times even asked actor Gabriel Macht about how much gel he puts in his hair. His response? “It’s supposed to be the modern version of the old-style man’s haircut, sort of like Gregory Peck or Cary Grant.” We couldn’t agree more. The style itself is a tight sidepart (on the left side) with a subtle pompadour in the front. Want to get the Harvey effect in your own ‘do? Here’s how.

The Cut:

The key to this cut is having enough length on top to create some height in the pomp. Tell your barber to take the sides down short (though not buzzed) and leave enough hair up top so you can execute the hard side part and comb the front up and back for some height. Better yet, just bring in a picture of old Harvey.

The Product:

To get Harvey’s subdued shine and strong hold, you’ll need a gel that’s low on goop and flakiness and high on strength of hold. Experiment until you find the one that’s right for you, but we recommend Imperial Gel Pomade, TOWELDRY’s Gel Styler, or Number 4 Firm Hold Hair Gel. If you want the hold and the height without the glare, try Baxter of California's Clay Pomade. In either case, depending on how much your hair naturally takes to going vertical, you might also need a bit of hairspray like the Ojon volume advance™ Volumizing Styling Spray to top it off.

The Technique:

After showering and shampooing, do a light towel dry. Warm up a small amount of gel in your hands and run through your hair from the roots lifting upwards. Then, using a blow dryer set to low heat, lift and dry the hair in the front while combing upwards with a comb. The longer you blowdry the front, the more volume you’ll get. After blowdrying, apply more gel throughout hair with your hands and use your comb to cut the sidepart and gently sculpt front hair up and back. To stick the landing, top the whole thing off with a quick spritz of hair spray.

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