How To: Load a Badger Hair Brush with Shave Cream

A badger hair brush is any sink ledge’s pièce de résistance. It’s also a utilitarian and economical workhorse—if you use one long enough, you easily earn back the extra expense by consistently using less shave cream (it’s truly amazing how little you need to work up a thick and rich lather). Follow these five easy steps to loading a badger brush with shaving cream from a tube, should you want to stray from the shave soap silo.

warm water

Step 1: Wet the brush in warm water. Note that the firm badger hairs remain taut even while wet so they can effectively exfoliate skin and build a strong lather.


Step 2: Squeeze out the excess moisture from the brush.

create an opening

Step 3: Using your finger, create a small opening in the middle of the brush bristles.

cream inside dent

Step 4: Squeeze out a dime-sized amount of shave cream onto your finger (you’ll need very little for complete shaving area coverage), and place the cream inside the indent.


Step 5: Lather the cream onto your face using fast and tight circular motions. No need to press too hard—let the brush and the cream do the work for you.

Want more guidance on the perfect shave? Follow along with our badger brush video tutorial.

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