How To: Step Up Your S’more Game

We all know the basics for building a delicious s’more: chocolate and a torched marshmallow, sandwiched between two graham cracker halves. Done…but not quite. Those key ingredients will never fail you, but these flavorful twists can send your s’more game to the big leagues.

Swap the Hershey’s

Instead of the usual milk chocolate, try dark chocolate or caramel-filled bars. Any of the perfectly-sized Ghirardelli squares is a good bet. To step it up another notch trade in a Reese’s cup, Nutella, or dulce de leche.

Ditch the Standard Graham

The graham cracker is the glue that holds the whole sandwich together, but try the chocolate or cinnamon variations to add a little variety. Or go completely nutty and use an Oreo or chocolate chip cookie.

Stuff the Insides

Who says a s’more can only have chocolate and marshmallow? Add brie if you’re feeling fancy, or try fruit like strawberries or coconut. Take the s’more less traveled with peanut butter, bacon, and bananas. These will make all the difference.

Variations on the Classic

There are many alternatives to the tried-and-true formula. There are indoor s’mores for the the less outdoorsy folk and—our favorite—campfire cones for the mess-prone snacker. If you’re hungry for wonder but not down for doing the dirty work, you can always try the illustrious frozen s’more.

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