How to: Remove a Wine Bottle Label

Whether you’re reusing the bottle, or framing the label, detaching both labels without incident is a handy skill to have. However, a quick search on Google will turn up countless techniques, from the fairly acceptable (ammonia) to the horribly ineffective (a hairdryer). If you’re looking for a method that’s quick and reliable, here’s the one to use.

What You’ll Need

1-3 wine bottles
1 cup of baking soda
2 gallons of water
A large bucket
Steel wool

The Directions

1. Fill the bucket with water, and mix in the baking soda until the powder is fully dissolved.

2. Fill the bottles with water to prevent them from floating, and soak them in the bucket for 30 minutes, making sure that the labels are fully submerged.

3. After soaking, try removing the labels by hand (some may have already floated to the surface). If they don’t detach with minimal effort, soak the bottles for another 30 minute.

4. Once all the labels have been removed, gently scrub the bottles with steel wool to remove any excess adhesive.

Check out our bottle cutting tutorial if your project requires splitting the glass into two pieces.

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