How To: Stock Your Desk Drawer

We whole-heartedly approve of Don Draper's short stack of crisp white shirts. But the 21st century gentleman deserves a bit more tricked-out desk drawer. A properly curated stash will prove to be a lifeline for both emergency meetings with the boss and impromptu happy hours. Here’s everything you need to stock your own.

1. Shower Pack

Skip the cloud of pungent body spray in favor of the Lamborghini of towelettes. These Niche for Men Body Wipes are like individually-wrapped showers, perfect for making the office-to-drinks-date transition (or the lunch-time gym trip back to the office transition).

2. Hangover Helper

A pill can’t make a hangover disappear, but botanicals like milk thistle and artichoke leaf will support liver function when you need it most. Advil helps too.

3. Shirt Savior

Tide to Go is crucial for on-the-spot treatments of the occasional lunch spill.

4. Eye Lift

When a Netflix marathon or a late night carousing leaves you looking like a raccoon the next morning, it’s good to have an undereye treatment to help you fake looking awake. Kiehl’s comes with caffeine and cooling cucumber extract.

5. Mint Kick

To freshen breath (and your perspective on life), brush with strong Italian toothpaste before calling it a day.

6. Hair Tamer

Add a splash of water to this red beaut to restyle hair after lunch or before clocking out.

7. Clean Mitts

Hand Sanitizer is crucial for zapping subway hands or steering clear of the office bug going around.

8. Emergency Hooch

Unless you’re lucky enough to work in an office where desktop single malts are exhibited with impunity, odds are office booze is often in short supply. A compact flask is a good way to ensure you always have at least a couple fingers of sauce to toast a work victory.

9. Outlook-Altering Cologne

A quick spritz of cologne heightens the mood and takes you out of your professional headspace at the end of a long day. Cartier Déclaration Essencea cross between James Bond and Paul Bunyan—is a good office drawer companion.

10. Bland Sandwich Rescue

Lonely six-dollar desk-side sandwich inhalation happens. But the addition of a superior hot sauce can spice up the most humdrum lunch faire.

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