Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Give Us Full-On Best Friend Envy

The X-Men and Broadway co-stars celebrate the end of their theatrical run with a grand tour of NYC...in bowler hats.

We've come down with a serious case of best friend envy looking at the recent photos of acting legends Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart palling around New York together. With these shots, we submit that this bromance has officially reached (maybe surpassed?!) Ben and Matt circa 1998 levels. They basically define male friendship in 2014.

Now that "Waiting for Godot" and "No Man's Land" have wrapped, maybe the co-star pals can adapt X-Men for the stage next? We'd sure like to keep them in town.

Be sure to track their journey through Stewart's #GogoDididoNYC hashtag, which he started way back when they began rehearsals for the plays.

Photos from Patrick Stewart's Instagram

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