How To: Get Away with Wearing Sweatpants to Work

A new crop of slim-fitting sweats is sweeping the (menswear) nation. No longer relegated to couch lounging and front-stoop newspaper retrieval, sweatpants are popping up everywhere—from brunch to the workplace. But despite increasingly formal and flattering silhouettes, there are several important style rules to keep in mind if and when you decide to wear sweatpants to work. A few tips:

1. Make sure they’re very slim. A tapered leg is absolutely crucial. A few brands we recommend: Alternative, Apolis, J.Crew (pictured above in navy).

2. To offset their casual nature, pair them with a collared shirt. You can wear them with a t-shirt, but if you do, top it off with a blazer.

3. Avoid loud colors and logos. Any text whatsoever is a no-go. Stick to simple heather gray, dark blue, or black.

4. Leave your shirt untucked—otherwise you’re calling undue attention to the elastic waistband or drawstring (and lack of belt).

5. A no-fail strategy for pulling off sweats at the office (or anywhere): Make sure they aren’t the most remarkable thing about your outfit. If there’s something more noteworthy demanding your co-workers’ attention—a bandana, a new pair of sneaks, a fresh haircut—those sweats will slide under the radar.

6. Be prepared to own your sweats should anyone bring them up. As with everything in fashion, attitude and confidence is everything.

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