July Box Preview (Spoiler Alert)

We don’t want to wreck the big reveal—there are, after all, rules for spoiler alerts these days— but with July boxes shipping as of this writing, we’re just a bit too stoked not to give subscribers a sneak peek at the upcoming shipment.

This month’s haul centers around seeking and finding inspiration. We’ve partnered with Quirky, an exciting product development startup. Quirky is focused on streamlining the inventing process for regular people—if you’ve got an idea for a gadget that will change lives, they can help get it on shelves. They’re making the whole process of coming up with inventions and building them more collaborative. We could say more, but why not just watch their manifesto?

As for the rest of the box, well, you might glean a hint or two by scoping the latest pieces on The Guide. The only other sneak peek we'll give you is this update from Matt H., Birchbox's shipping and logistics guru:

"The final July Birchbox Man boxes are just wrapping up their production at their place of birth in Edison, NJ, with the final waves making their way down the assembly line and onto the postal gaylords (industry jargon for 'big container') later today. It's been a fun month with lots of new, interesting products, of various shapes, cuts and weights. First wave of boxes departed yesterday evening and some have already been spotted in regions as far as Upstate New York and sunny Laguna Beach, CA. We are looking forward to cleaning off the assembly lines to make way for the women in our lives."

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