The Kim Jong-Un “Dear Leader” Haircut is Now Mandatory in North Korea

If Kim Jong-Un's regrettable high-and-tight doesn't haunt your deepest nightmares, it's certainly about to. State-sanctioned guidelines now require all male students to sport the dictator's haircut, which has inspired much reservation, even in a society of deep-seated censorship. "Our leader's haircut is very particular, if you will," one source reported to Radio Free Asia. "It doesn't always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes."

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that grooming regulations have come to the political fore—starting in 2013, North Korean men were required to choose between 10 state-approved haircuts (truly spoilt for choice), and the government has launched media campaigns against the spread of long hair.

While this incident demonstrates—once again—the heavy hand of Pyongyang's government, it also begs the question: If Americans were required to wear a president's haircut, which president would make the best template? Clinton? Reagan? James K. Polk? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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