Learn the New Secret Shaving Trick Taking Birchbox Man HQ by Storm

Our freshly discovered shaving hack, which takes just a touch of sink ledge chemistry, makes a fresh-shorn face soft and radiant.

We’ve always been big advocates of exfoliating the face before a shave. It clears away dead skin cells, and makes all your whiskers stand straight up so they’re ready for the razor. Another nice benefit: lower probability of ingrown hairs.

But when a friend of BB Man suggested mixing our scrub and shaving cream to create a gritty, exfoliating shaving lather, our be-stubbled jaws nearly hit the floor. Talk about “Mixing & Matching.”

Straight from our correspondent’s mouth, here’s how to do it: “Take a small amount of shaving cream in your hand, then add a quarter size of your favorite exfoliating scrub. mix Mix them together and then apply to your face as you would normally in a shave. You will notice a certain gritty texture on your razor, so when you’re finished you may need to rinse the razor a bit more than usual to get the grit out.”

We raced home to try it out and sure enough, the result is a glowing post-shave skin. Unfortunately, there’s no manly way to talk about “glowing skin.” Radiant? Luminescent? But surely guys know what we're talking about here. This shaving trick will leave you with a seriously awesome case of what we’re going to call “glow face.” Trust us, you want that.

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