Man Up: 4 Next-Level Necktie Styles

Once considered a symbol of corporate conformity, the necktie has reemerged as the go-to accessory for adding a dash of sprezzatura to your style. From "The Military Tuck" to "The Inversion," here are four ways to wear one that will have you thinking beyond the basic four-in-hand.

  • The Military Tuck Style: The Military Tuck

    How: Tuck the end of your tie between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.
    When to Rock It: Target practice; Feasting at BBQ joints

  • The Unbuttoned Collar Style: The Unbuttoned Collar

    How: Tie and cinch your tie normally, but leave the buttons of your Oxford collar unfastened for a more laid-back look.
    When to Rock It: Casual Fridays; Stylish Saturdays

  • The Twist Style: The Twist

    How: Make like a rakish Italian and casually rotate the knot to turn it on its side. The result is a skinny two-pronged neck scarf.
    When to Rock It: Roman holiday; nonchalant night out

  • The Inversion Style: The Inversion

    How: Tie your tie so that the thin end hangs noticeably longer. (Warning: Only try this one if you’ve already got some serious street cred. Otherwise, it just looks like you got dressed in the dark.)
    When to Rock It: Days when rules were made to be broken.

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