Mixing & Matching: Your Favorite Duos

In March’s sneak peek, we asked you to tell us about your favorite unexpected pairings. Unsurprisingly, a lot of you left food-related combinations (specifically involving peanut butter or hot sauce), and many responses were real revelations. Here are a few of our favorite replies:

Bourbon and Bacon

Hear me out! A great bar here in Nashville makes a bacon old-fashioned (bacon bitters) and it's one of the most glorious things you will ever taste in your life. Ron Swanson would approve. —Matt Whitley

Dave Matthews Band and Macy Gray Together in Concert

It was odd, and I never suspected it would have been as good as it was! —Adam Bell

Hip-Hop and Ancient Texts

It's my favorite time to study when I'm listening to some hip-hop and translating Old Persian. —Cale

Peanut Butter and Oatmeal

Tried it by accident and I can't have oatmeal without it! —Dan

Applesauce and Mac & Cheese

I'm just going to let that sink in for a second... now go try it! —Connor Higgins

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