Month in Review: February 2013


This month, in the face of brutally low temps and post-holiday malaise, we doubled down. February was about more than merely surviving. February was about thriving. Here’s how it unfolded.

We embraced our inner woodsman.
From examining the particulars of a skincare regimen fit for lumberjacks, to breaking down the finer points of ‘woodsy’ cologne, this month had its fair share of buffalo plaid.

We battened down the hatches and laid in a supply stash.
We stocked our desk drawers in preparation for a long winter (despite Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow). And just in case we’re stuck inside until June, we perfected a simple living room exercise that turns stomachs into washboards (that’s right, the plank). We also made a survival playlist to plank to.

We stayed stylish through stormy weather.
Not to be deterred by snow, rain, or meteors, we went all Batmobile-shields-up on our leather footwear. Resisting the urge to resort to sweatpants and t-shirts, we followed the lead of the legendary Cary Grant. To Catch a Thief-level style is a lofty goal, but it’s what we were aiming for while upping our pocket square know-how, and taking a complete dress shirt anatomy lesson. We’re guessing C.G. never late to a romantic engagement in his life, but we still think he’d approve of this fool-proof 30-second water-free shower how-to.


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